Praying 4 Pakenham

I’ve been a follower of Jesus Christ for about 15 years now and it has only just dawned on me how radically important regular prayer and intercession really is.

I know that sounds pretty dumb, I have always believed that prayer is important to Jesus but when you take a look at how much time Jesus spent ministering in various capacities it really hits home.

It took Jesus only 30 years to get ready for a ministry that lasted just over 3 years. He suffered on the cross for 6 hours and died. It took Him 3 days to rise again and another 40 or so days to teach the disciples about the Kingdom of God before He ascended to heaven. Since then he has been praying for you and me. That’s around 2000 years of prayer ministry!!!

If prayer and intercession is THAT important to Jesus than it better be important to me and you.

At Hope4 we are prgaying for Pakenham. We are praying for God’s grace and love to enter into people’s lives in any way possible (and impossible!).

Hope4 have been meeting since February 2016. We are a small group devoted to pray. If you have any prayer needs we would love to support you in prayer. Just send your brief request to


We have finally started our regular Sunday night services in the beautiful Outlook Centre. God is good.

We would love you to join us every Sunday from 5pm to seek God in prayer for the people of Pakenham. Come for prayer, we have seen God heal, restore, and move in ways only He can do. ┬áIf you can’t get along for any reason, email us at



Prayer Warriors

Throughout history every (and I mean every) great and lasting revival has been preceded by prayer. Have you ever heard of a guy named Daniel Nash? No? Neither have all the Christians I have asked. Ever hear of Charles Finney? He was the American evangelist behind one of the greatest revivals on US soil. Most church going folk have heard of him, but Daniel Nash, but a few. However famous Nash may be on earth his fame is greater in heaven amongst the whispers of angels. You see before Charles Finney preached in a town, he would request that Rev. Daniel Nash “slip in quietly”, rent a room and pray. Nash was often on his face in prayer for days at a time, forgetting to eat. Nash prayed for the Holy Spirit to prepare hearts for the Gospel message. He prayed, and prayed, and prayed. And, when Nash felt a release in his spirit he would make contact with Finney informing him to come to the town and preach.

If you’re like me you would love to see revival in our Nation, in our State, in our Suburb and in our street. We can’t all be Charles Finneys, but we can be better prayers for revival. I want to be a Daniel Nash prayer. I want to see the Spirit of God moving into my neighbourhood. I may not be a polished speaker but I will be on my knees praying for revival in Pakenham and the surrounding areas…will you join me?

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